Time To Divest

Between 2012-2015, a large group of students, alumni, faculty, and staff helped the Williams community clearly articulate that the college should make every attempt to divest. The students voted for divestment, hundreds of alumni wrote letters and pledged to hold their donations, and the organizers held several events, including meeting with trustees. While the board decided not to divest, we did win a $50m investment in reducing Williams' emissions and increasing education opportunities around climate. Still...for one of the wealthiest, most powerful, influential institutions in the world to determine that requiring our fund managers to not invest in the top 200 fossil fuel companies isn't worthwhile ignores the crisis we're in. Several peer institutions have already proceeded in this work. Williams, where is your leadership in this space? This campaign was paused, waiting for the next generation to take it forward. If you're interested, contact Daniel Shearer: [email protected]