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  • wants to volunteer 2017-02-15 21:02:39 -0500

    Join us!

    This is pure grassroots. Ephs from all classes of '62 through '15 are working for reinvestment of the Williams endowment and we'd love to have your help, whether you can give a couple hours a week or just get the word out to friends. 

    Here's what you can do in about 15 minutes to get more people on board:

    1. Share our letter with friends who you think will be interested in this. Grab it from this link, paste it into an email, add your own introduction, send it out. 
    2. If you're on Facebook, like our page and share it with other Ephs. Post to the page why divestment is important to you.
    3. Read the rest of this page and consider signing up for a volunteer role.

    Do you see a way the campaign could be made stronger? Are you looking to make a significant impact in moving our world off of a reliance on fossil fuels? Want to join a network of change-making Williams folks? We have working groups to build communications resources, relationships, and research knowledge needed to drive the campaign forward. And we also have more specialized needs like convening alumni, writing about the campaign, and more. We welcome your ideas and assistance on building a broad and deep community effort that presents a strong and credible case for the college to reinvest.

    After you sign up, we'll be in touch to welcome you into the initiative and discuss how you can best contribute. 

    Become a volunteer